When it comes to effectively raising awareness of a product or service, light advertising or neon signs is, without a doubt, a proven and successful way to achieve just that. This type of advertising has been used for more than a hundred years. Recently illuminated advertising has made significant technical progress. LED signage is the latest development in this sector. In this article, I will give you 12 benefits, why LED neon signage is beneficial compared with conventional glass neon lights.

A longer lifespan

Compared with the traditional neon lights, the LED neon’s have a much longer lifespan. On average, the lifespan of LED signs is 50 000 hours. If you divide those hours by the hours of your daily use, you might find that under certain circumstances the LED neon’s need only replacing every 34 years. That is indeed an almost unbeatable advantage compared with the traditional glass signage. Check on the package; it should give you the exact lifespan.

Low energy consumption

The luminous efficacy of current LED lamps is around 80 – 100 lm / W (lumens per watt). High-power LEDs give up over 300 lm / W. Compared halogen lamps deliver only about 12 lm / W.

Due to this high efficiency of LED technology, the energy consumption is 6 to 8 times lower compared to glass signages. This will reduce the electricity bill significantly.

No risks of burns

Due to the high effectiveness, LED signages generate significantly less waste heat than glass. Glass can get so hot, that you should not touch it. LED neon’s, on the other hand, are generally only lukewarm. Therefore, there is hardly any risk of burns.

High impact resistance

Glass lightening systems are susceptible to shocks. Besides that, LED signages are more durable in extreme weather conditions, are resistant to vibration, and are usually water-resistant. The latter depends on how it was designed. This is a great advantage for all neon signages, which are installed outside.

With LED signages, there is no switch on delay

LED signages do not flicker when switched on and offer their full brightness immediately.

Eye-catching brightness

The striking brightness is one of the main factors, which distinguishes LEDs from all other signs. This technology is so exclusive that it produces a bright yet, brilliant light. That makes signage not just easy to be seen from afar; those LED signs are easy to read as well; particularly at night! They stand out with their bold brightness. But not just that. Even during sunshine, LEDs are so intense that you can see them easily. In other words, no matter the time of the day, if you go past a LED signage logo or -writing, it is easy to recognise.

LED signages have a compelling appearance — the way to impress customers

Fluorescent signages have the habit of being difficult when it comes to keeping the sign fully and with consistent brightness lit. At times, these neon signs give an impression as if there is always the one or other light, which needs replacing. Sometimes lights might appear to be dimmer than others. This leaves a poor impression not just on the sign but on your business as well. More so, your logo and message are hard to read. With LED lights, this problem is mitigated. The advanced technology keeps your LED signage more uniform and illuminated in its appearance.

Exceptional Colour

The selection of LED lights gives you an exquisite range of colours. That makes them not only ideal for your business but find their application as decorative lighting, for festivals and show lighting, party and wedding lights. With LEDs, it is possible to create any lightening mood without the need of using foils or paints.

LED signages are environmentally friendly

On average, an LED sign uses only 20 % of energy compared with other light signs. This means stricter energy standards with less strain on the environment. More importantly, your lightening costs reduce dramatically. Fluorescent lights contain toxic gases such as mercury and argon. This means it is almost impossible to recycle those lights cleanly — a problem, which you do not have with LED signs.

Finally, LED signs do not give up as much heat as any other lighting system. This means if you have your LED signages inside the building, your rooms do not warm up, which makes them easy on the air conditioning bill as well.

Low maintenance

If you factor in the long lifespan of LEDs, the even brightness and efficiency, it becomes easy to understand why LED signs require far less maintenance. LEDs do not contain any gasses or glass tubes, which are prone to leak or even break. LED signs are also much easier to clean; not having to deal with a hot tube is only one of the advantages. LEDs work well out- and indoor. If you have them outside, they hardly need any protection from the elements. If you live in an extremely hot or humid area, you can get waterproof LED signages. Ultimately, LED signs convince with their simplicity in terms of installation!

Thinner signs

Since LED signs do not have any tubes, those signs can be significantly smaller than neon signs.

  • Did you know: A regular neon sign is 3 – 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) thick. Compared with an LED sign, which is only 1 inch (2.54 cm), thick.

Smaller sizes mean lower shipping costs, easier installation, and a lesser carbon footprint.

Flexible Signage options

LEDs are much more flexible than neon signs. Virtually anything you can imagine can be created using LEDs. Each light can be independently programmed since you are not using tubes any longer. This option alone can create stunning colour changes or animations. Your LED logo can be as distinctive as your business. You will get the attention of prospective customers and increase your enterprise. You can stand out from the crowd and get noticed by people passing by. LEDs provide your customers with engaging content.

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