Neon signs have always been a popular feature of weddings across the world, but even more so in recent years as people are embracing these signs’ vintage yet amazing vibes!

Here we’re showcasing 12 romantic neon sign trends that are perfect for almost any type of wedding ceremony or reception. Check them out below!

1. Boasting picture perfect neon backdrops

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Phrases like “To the moon and back” or “It was always you” make gorgeous backdrops to cute couple shots, which is perfect for wedding receptions! Surround these with floral wreaths or vibrant greenery, or hang them against a classic black curtain, and whip out the Polaroids for some happy snaps. Whether you’re using them in a photo booth area, or just up on a side wall, there’s always going to be people hanging around taking adorable shots!

2. Imagery and visual designs

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Neon signs don’t have to comprise solely of words! They can also feature images or symbols. For weddings, you certainly can’t go wrong with brilliant fluoro pink hearts, or glowing red hearts instead. Or perhaps you’d fancy a pair of interlocked rings instead. They’re all guaranteed to add a pop of colour and flair to your special day.

3. Cliche phrases are still a hit

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“Happily ever after…” – can’t get much more cliched than that for a love story! But when these simple words are illuminated in a wedding scene through neon lights, people can’t help but sigh in admiration at the truth of this phrase. Got a favourite quote or saying? Bring it to life with a neon sign at your wedding!

4. Vibrant lights to showcase your new name

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Many women still plan to change their surname when marrying their significant other, and when this is the case, it’s super cute to see the new name lit up behind the couple! It’s a beautiful reminder about the unity of the two people now united through their wedding, and neon signage is the perfect way to do this.

5. Customisation and personalisation is the future of neon lights

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Traditionally neon light signs were set, pre-made and available for purchase. Nowadays, more and more businesses are embracing the importance of customisation for customers. People can now choose almost all aspects of their wedding neon signs – from the text itself to the colours, to the font and the size.

6. The value of affordability, and catering to all types of budgets

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Another trend that the neon light business is beginning to embrace is the importance of affordability. There is a vast number of potential customers out there, who love the idea of neon lights at their wedding but simply can’t afford to dish out thousands of dollars. Emerging are more affordable suppliers who can help cater to a broader audience.

7. Initials of the loving couple

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As a cheaper alternative to getting your entire names plastered across a wall in neon lights, a subtler approach is to just use your initials! Short and snappy, it’s still a fun way of lighting up the place with something that’s still personalised.

8. The classic Mr & Mrs

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You certainly can’t go wrong with the classic Mr & Mrs sign, except rather than being made from wood, plastic or other non-illuminated materials…make a statement with a neon sign version instead! You’re guaranteed to end up with countless Insta-worthy shots with this one, whether you set it up in the photo booth or hang it over the love-birds’ table.

9. Rainbow colours deviating from the norm

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No longer do you just have to choose a single colour for your neon light. Spark some uniqueness and individuality into your wedding sign, by incorporating multiple colours! This makes it extra eye-catching, while also enhancing its vibrancy and fun nature. Particularly well suited for non-traditional weddings, rainbow coloured neon lights are becoming increasingly popular!

10. Non-linear text

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Rather than sticking with a line or two of text, consider sparking things up with a unique mix between wordsmith and imagery. Seamlessly combine your favourite phrase or names with a heart, rings, or other wedding symbolism. These types of neon signs are particularly eye-catching, and will result in plenty of admiring looks – we see it happening all the time!

11. Intricate and detailed designs

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As technology has advanced particularly in recent years, the techniques and processes behind creating neon signs have improved significantly. It’s now easier than ever to create more detailed, intricate designs. Particularly when using LED flex neon rather than the traditional glass neon, it’s safe and quick to create tight curves and nuanced shapes. This can result in impressive neon wedding signage!

12. Feature walls adorned with multiple neon signs

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Many brides and grooms love to throw an epic party, and what better way to do so than with a stunning feature wall that everyone can’t help but snap a photo of! One way of achieving this is by using multiple small (or large!) neon signs to create a setting for people to take pictures with, or to create a focal point around something important…like a photo of the bride and groom!

There are a heap of 2019 wedding trends that we’re keeping a close eye on, and it’s already evident that one of them is featuring stunning neon lights. Whether it’s for a backdrop, or a feature wall, or even as an entrance motif – neon signs are a significant aspect of wedding ceremonies and receptions across the world.

If you’re currently in the midst of planning your wedding, consider hiring or purchasing an eye-catching neon sign – we guarantee both you and your guests with absolutely love it!