LED Architectural Strip Lighting For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

At Beyond Neon Signs we can supply and install high quality, commercial grade, LED flex strip lighting solutions for your interior space or project.

Architectural LED Lighting Supplier & Installation in Sydney

Have a project or space that needs brightening up? Our expert signage team based in Sydney, can help illuminate and bring your ideas to life. Our high quality flex LED lighting strips are perfect for any Shopfitting and Architectural lighting projects. With a range of led flex strip colours to choose from with also the option to change colours with our RGB flex options.

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Our LED flex neon strips are ideal for:

  • Restaurant and Bar LED Lighting
  • Cabinet LED Lighting
  • Walkway and Stairway LED Lighting
  • LED Signage Lighting
  • Architectural LED Lighting
  • Indoor & Outdoor

LED Lighting for Commercial & Residential Projects

Lighting in any setting is a crucial aspect of its atmosphere and vibe. Sure, regular lighting can be effective, but LED lighting has the potential to do so much more.

With our architectural LED lighting, you can elevate any commercial or residential project with a unique, eye-catching, and trendy aesthetic.

There are many different projects that can benefit from architectural LED lighting – whether it is residential or commercial. You can utilise these playful and exciting lights to transform the dynamic of the setting in a way that regular lighting simply can’t do.

LED Lighting for Art Galleries
Where there is art, there is curiosity and the freedom to expand your imagination. Why not compliment this experience with vivid LED lights? They could be used to guide viewers around the gallery, to accent various art displays depending on their theme, or to welcome visitors to the art gallery by adorning the exterior front.

LED Lighting for Retail Stores
In this modern world, LED lighting is growing rapidly as a way to encourage customers to walk into retail stores or take notice of their brand. With custom design LED lights or LED strip lighting, you can elevate your retail brand with a strong visual impact that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

LED Lighting for Residential
Architectural LED lighting doesn’t just apply to commercial settings. Residential spaces can also spice things up with the bright addition of LED lights. Use them to decorate one room or display them throughout the entire area for a striking expression.

LED Lighting for Offices
Offices may be professional environments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with unique lighting to set yourself apart from the competition. Indoor LED lights for your office may give your clients a memorable experience and your employees the inspiration they need to improve their work ethic.

LED Lighting for Hospitality
Hospitality reception areas are meant to entertain, and what better way to do that than with some eccentric lighting! Retain visitors and guests for longer and give them a delightful welcome with LEDs.

LED Lighting for Gyms
Motivate clients and gym members with custom design LED lights made exclusively to match your business. Our commercial architectural lighting solutions offer you the ability to stand out from other gyms with vibrant, decorative, and meaningful LEDs.

LED Lighting for Apartments
Is your apartment feeling run-down and bland? The simple yet unique touch of LED lighting can make all the difference. Make residents feel welcomed by their decorative style and encourage more renters to take notice of your apartment buildings.

LED Lighting for Kitchens
Cook up a storm in the kitchen with the inspiring touch of architectural LED lighting. Whether it’s strip lights surrounding all of the walls or just one decorative piece, such as a frying pan or your restaurant’s name, these vivid designs will have any kitchen looking fire!

LED Lighting for Libraries
A library is a calm, relaxing space where people can embrace their more creative and imaginative side. That’s why indoor LED lights are the perfect addition – to help inspire creativity with their eye-catching and pleasant displays. You can also use them to separate sectioned genres, making them a practical choice too.

LED Lighting for Museums
Guide visitors around the museum with distinct LED strip lighting or accent each exhibit with a custom LED light. Museums can take advantage of this to draw attention and to encourage them to stay for longer. While some museums have a particular “vintage” style, you can make yours more contemporary with these applications.

LED Lighting for Salons
Our architectural LED lighting gives any salon a modern, aesthetic style that aligns with current trends. Create custom design LED lights with our services to match your branding with a cloud or nails, for example, or use LED strip lighting to surround the setting.

LED Lighting for Schools
Motivate students to learn and grab hold of their attention with an aesthetic
atmosphere. Interior and exterior LED strip lights can be used to welcome students from the outside and to add some entertainment inside the classrooms.

LED Lighting for Showrooms
When you’re trying to sell or promote something, you need a way to capture your audience’s interest and captivate them. Our indoor LED lights can brighten up the showroom and prove to customers how much of a better choice your business is over others.

LED Lighting for Supermarkets
Supermarkets are essential for everyone in daily life – they provide us with food and other necessities to live comfortably. With architectural LED lights, you can make your supermarket look more appealing to customers.

LED Lighting for Warehouses
Ditch the mundane and dull warehouse look for one that is exciting, stylish, and unique. Our commercial architectural lighting can make any warehouse look cool, trendy, and a dream place to work in.

LED Lighting for Events
Events need decorations. Without them, say goodbye to event patrons! Retain their interest with stunning LED lights that can make any event memorable, exciting, and “eventful.”

Why Choose Beyond Neon Signs?
Beyond Neon Signs is a leading professional supplier of LED lighting for commercial and residential projects with installation services. We offer premium and high-quality LED technology for all of our customers, with a high standard of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our different LED strips include the popular Supaflex, which is a purpose-built LED strip for shopfitting and architectural lighting applications.
Another is the Supaflex RGB, which produces vibrant RGB colour and remarkable electrical efficiency. These come with a 5-year warranty and are built to last for continuous use. We recommend combining the Supaflex with our anodised aluminium

Supachannel diffuser extrusion for an all-in-one lighting solution.
All of our LED strips can also include control kits with a remote control and dimmer, giving you full control over the brightness, colours, and more.

Make your residential or commercial setting look outstanding, whether it be merely to decorate or to leave a memorable impact on customers, with Beyond Neon Signs LED lighting.

We've worked with hundreds of Australian Businesses


We've worked with hundreds of Australian Businesses

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  • Low energy consumption
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  • More affordable than traditional glass neon
  • LED signs are environmentally friendly
  • We use high quality led strips
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  • 24 month warranty

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