LED neon signs have been all the rage for a while now, and they don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. Their retro-inspired neon look combined with stylish text makes it an excellent addition to a variety of spaces and for many different purposes.

led neon light signs

But what exactly are LED neon signs, and how can you benefit from them?

What Are LED Neon Signs?
LED neon signs are electric signs that use a luminous, neon effect powered by LED to display a word or object. “LED” neon signs differ from traditional neon signs. Instead, these replicate glass neon lights in a much more efficient manner, using a strip of different LEDs mounted on it.

The specific size, colour, type, and strength of those LEDs produce the colour and brightness of the neon light you see in our sign production.

Neon lighting itself was first demonstrated in 1910 at the Paris Motor Show by Gerges Claude, and they became increasingly popular since then. Today, they are used worldwide in shops, streets, and for other entertainment or venue requirements.

With their stunning, eye-catching designs, LED neon signs have no issue setting the atmosphere and electrifying the mood of any given setting.

Benefits of Using LED For Neon Signs
There are significant benefits of using LED for neon signs compared to traditional neon sign designs, which include:

Thinner design, takes up less space
Less expensive
More clearly viewed when lit
Virtually maintenance-free
No gases, glass tubes, argon/mercury issues
They never expire or “run out”
More animation + creativity options
They use less power (more ECO-friendly)
Remains cool and safe to touch

Some of these factors might be very important to you when deciding which type to choose for your needs.

Overall, LED neon signs are a budget-friendly and maintenance-free choice with a much bigger advantage over non-LED neon signs.

Our LED neon signs are made using a high-quality acrylic backing, which includes quality LED neon flex tubing and a free remote control dimmer!

These LED neon signs are also very safe to use, can be easily plugged in with a standard powerpoint, and there is no risk of gas or glass breaking compared to traditional neon signs.

Recent Work Examples
Take a look at some of our recent work examples to get familiarised with what we can do for you.

This is an order we had made for American Express. It features their branding on the top in a vivid blue colour and simple text, while beneath are larger, bolder, and more eye-catching words in a stylised text that they chose for their campaign month.

This example showcases our ability to help businesses with their promotional campaigns, thus helping to increase their revenue/profits.

This example features the word “They Swiped Right For Love” in a lovely cursive-style script, which holds a sweet touch of humour in the design. The pink neon compliments the meaning behind the message and would look lovely at a wedding or engagement party.

Our services aren’t just for businesses, but also for personal reasons, too. Make use of them for events to give them a special, decorative touch that leaves a lasting impression!

A simple bubble text creation with the words “talent hub” in a two-tone neon colour layout (blue and white). Our LED neon sign services can be very simple or very complex, depending on your requirements.

A more creative layout featuring a heart with an arrow and the words “not you” within. The red neon glow combined with the creative design looks amazing when lit in the dark. This is an example of something more complex.

This example showcases a very detailed order for an Italian restaurant located in Newtown – “The Italian Bowl.” Included in the design are a stylised dish and a combination of orange, green, and white neon tones. This is one of our very complex designs! We love getting creative for our clients.

These are authentic examples from real customers who have used our services to help give their business a more unique feel or their event a stylish touch.

Have we got you excited yet? Be sure to head over to our Quote page or Designer page to get started with your LED neon sign requirements.

On the Quote page, you only need to tell us your name, email, phone number, due date, upload your design, and tell us about the details for your project. You will receive a quick reply with a price quote and any other important information for your project before we get started.

What Is The Online Designer Page?
The online Designer page is where you can create your very own LED neon sign in a few simple steps:

  1. Text – add your desired text to the design
  2. Font – choose your preferred font style
  3. Colour – select the colours for your neon sign
  4. Mounting – choose from rectangular or cut to shape
  5. Size – select from 3 sizes to suit your needs.

Is your LED neon sign for a bar? Bedroom? Venue?

After you fill out these steps, you can drag the example design around on the slideshow backgrounds to get an idea of what your LED neon sign will look like.

This online designer page is an excellent way to spark your creativity and help you visualise your neon sign prior to placing an order.

How Does The Process Work?
If you’re wondering about how we actually make LED neon signs, we’ve created a straightforward page detailing just how the process works, which you can check out here.

  1. Product Starts – we prepare and organise the design and materials.
  2. Flex LED Lights Are Shaped – the lights are cut & measured into the font or logo you have specified.
  3. Lights Are Mounted – next, we glue the lights onto the acrylic backing.
  4. Wires Are Connected – we connect and test the electrical wires.
  5. Quality Control Check – the finished sign is quality checked.
  6. Shipped – your sign is sealed, packed, and shipped!

All of our LED neon signs come with a 12-month warranty against any material defects, as well as any breakage during shipping. You also receive a FREE remote control dimmer for your sign!

Furthermore, upon receiving your LED neon sign, you can easily start hanging it up with thanks to the already installed acrylic clear backing. It can be screwed onto a wall or hung up using our metal chain – it’s up to you.

5-Star Google Reviews
Don’t take our word for it – read over the 5-star Google reviews on our business to get other buyers’ perspectives on how we deliver satisfaction for your LED neon signage needs.

Here are some notable feedback points from our most pleased customers praising our services:

  • Quick replies
  • Brilliant service
  • Effortless design process
  • Perfect results
  • Quick production
  • High quality
  • Affordability
  • Customer-driven focus
  • Friendly communication
  • Professional advice
  • Amazing craftsmanship

We want nothing less than to see the satisfaction of our customers with their brand-new LED neon signs. We assure fast, efficient customer service with our friendly team. We are passionate and dedicated to our craft to create the result you envisioned, and we are here to provide professional, helpful advice regarding your needs – whether its business-related or for personal endeavours.

But most of all, we want things to be as easy and as smooth for you as possible, which is why we create such an easy design, ordering, and payment process (which you can read about on our reviews page)!

Clients We Have Worked With
For many years, Beyond Neon Signs has accumulated extensive experience working with a range of different clients, including everything from business and house owners to wedding planners and venue organisers.

Here are just some of the clients we have worked with over the years:

American Express (financial services)
The Italian Bowl (restaurant)
Brooksfield (clothing store)
Bachelorette (TV show) – check out this video with our sign in the background!
Hunt and Brew (coffee brand)

Plus many, many more! Be sure to browse through our gallery to see the many different projects we have worked on for LED neon signs.

Businesses can use LED neon signs as a way to promote their brand in an ad-style presentation. Whether you’re running a promotional campaign or you simply want to spread the word about your business, LED neon signs can help you with your advertising needs.

The great thing about LED neon signs is that they are extremely versatile and apply to many different uses. Most notably, people have found they make wonderful additions to weddings, shops, bedrooms, promotions, as well as unique gift ideas for loved ones.

Neon signs aren’t just stylish and vivid; they can also help you to convey a particular message for a promotional campaign or at a wedding where you want to express your love for your fiance.

Here are just some of the many ways you can use LED neon signs:

Decorate A Shop
You can use a stylish LED neon sign to decorate a shop front or to highlight a particular spot in your shop, which will most certainly help draw customers’ attention there. Here is a great image example of this in play.

Decorate Restaurants/Bars
Today, hundreds of restaurants and bars are utilising LED neon signs to promote their business in a fun, creative way. Neon signs are very appealing and eye-catching, after all, and many customers enjoy simply looking at them or taking pictures with them. You can see a great example of this below. Most notably, though, is that since restaurants and bars are open late, the bright, captivating design is a must-have so potential customers can see your business in the dark on the street.

Decorate Weddings
Another great use of LED neon signs is for weddings, as seen in the picture example. In this example, the neon sign was used in the wedding ceremony above the bride and groom, which created an excellent photo opportunity!

Promoting Ads
Businesses can use LED neon signs as a way to promote their brand in an ad-style presentation. Whether you’re running a promotional campaign or you simply want to spread the word about your business, LED neon signs can help you with your advertising needs.

Decorating Parties or Special Events
Besides weddings, LED neon signs can also be used for other fun or special events, such as parties, live shows, performances, presentations, and many others. We don’t just create words, either, but also picturesque icons and imagery, as seen below.

LED neon signs truly are a wonderful conversation starter! Best of all, they are an inexpensive and highly advantageous way to convey a message or to get your brand noticed by the public.

If you’re still unsure about something related to LED neon signs, we encourage you to get in touch with us on our website or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to see if the answer to your question is there.

We are “Beyond Neon Signs,” a leading LED neon sign provider, and we look forward to working with you!
LED neon signs have been all the rage for a while now, and they don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. Their retro-inspired neon look combined with stylish text makes it an excellent addition to a variety of spaces and for many different purposes.